Rich sources of vegetable source of the omega-3, represented by -Linolenic acid are flax oil (Linum usitatissimum), perilla oil (Perilla frutescens) and dragonhead oil (Dracocephalum moldavica). The relative efficacies of different oils containing GLA depend on its glyceride structures.



Dietary issues

Functional foods are defined as having disease preventing and/or health promoting benefits in addition to their nutritive or processing value. The primary role of diet is to provide sufficient nutritients to meet metabolic requirements of an individual

menstral cycle

Various vegetable lipid forms are widely used in specialized nutritional systems designed to manage nutritional disorders including malabsorption and maldigestion syndromes, to facilitate patient recovery from disease or surgery, or to support the special nutritional needs of premature infants, children and the elderly. Development of advanced enteral nutritional products is one field that utilizes specialized lipid systems to enhance nutritional performance. The science behind the effects of dietary fat on human health is so complex that there are no simple and straigthforward answers to gain a broader understanding of the interactions between


Fatty acids have numerous interrelationships with considerable clinical impact. Over thousands of years of an agriculture based existence, the dietary ratio omega-3 : omega-6 essential fatty acids have remained stable at about l. However, in the past 100 years changes in the food supply and dietary habits have caused this ratio to fall dramatically to less than 0.1. However its is recommended that once pregnant there is no further beneficial effect from Oestre supplementation. It is therefore current advice to switch immediately to calcium rich supplements as precsribed by your own health care advisor.

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