The reduction in fertility due to age is not fully understood. From 15-44 years of age over 6800 menstral cycles will release at least the same amount of viable egg cells.




We would be the first to admit that there is no such thing as a cure all remedy. Oestre is made from pure and natural oils which we believe will aid the act of conception only if there are no other pysiological reasons which directly or indirectly inhibit the process of conception. If you are attempting to get pregnant and have concerns about the time it is taking, please consult your doctor immediately. Oestre is not a surrogate for medical treatment and should be used in conjuction with standard medical protocols used to help women who are having trouble conceiving. We recommend starting of with dosage of 1 capsule/day for at least one complete menstral cycle. This can be increased to a maximum of 2 capsules/day if desired. We believe the effect of Oestre is a "conditionally essential" supplement which if taken on a regular basis will aid conception.



Well up till now the evidence is almost totally anecdotal and based apon the experiences of couples who after much experimentation found that only after using Oestre they became pregnant. The problem is the inability to define, develope and test fertility treatments. Doctors are obviously restricted in the ways in which they are allowed carry out experiments on people. This of course does not preclude the possibility that there are definetly substances which will actively aid in the process of conception. It is probably the ethical inability to experiment on living individuals which has forced modern medicine to turn to methods such as invitro fertilization. The natural process of conception is such subtle and complex process that medical science finds it simpler to physically achieve conception than to try to assist the complex biological chain of events involved in natural conception.

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